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11/3/09 Well its been 8 years since I updated this site. It has moved from the now defunct Geocities onto our server at The Chosen of Mystra.

8/24/01 Added a new forum so you can posts questions suggestions dealing with the Infinity Engine games. The Underdark

7/4/01 Finally updated this site to the way I want it to look. I know I said that months ago but between college and playing Throne of Bhaal this took a second to that.

4/14/01 I have briefly made some changes. I will be dividing the site by sex then by race. I will keep the male/female pages as they are until I am completly done. The first thing you will notice is the male site as an additional link area for the races. Only the human one is working for now, but more will be comming.

4/9/01 I am slowly adding more images to my site so stay tuned for more updates!

Below are the portraits of the Baldur's Gate 2 NPCs. Click on the thumbnails to get a bigger view of your favorite NPC. If you want to add some custome portraits visit either my male or female section below. There are directions on how to properly install custom portraits into your game below the thumbnails.

The Original Cast of BG2

Aerie Anomen Cernd Edwin
Haer Dalis' Korgan Imoen Jaheira
Jan Keldorn Mazzy Minsc
Nalia Valygar Viconia Yoshimo

Custom Portraits:

The measurements for player portraits are 38X60 pixels for the smaller portraits (8-bit color runs faster but it can be up to 24 bit color), and 110X170 pixels for the larger portraits. To use a custom portrait, place it in the Portraits directory (in the install directory for the game) and add an S to the end of the small portrait name and an L to the end of the large portrait - otherwise the two names must be identical. The names must be 1-7 letters long, maximum - so the filename with the S or L added to the end is no longer than 8 total characters. The portrait files must be in BMP format.
For example:
XXXXXXXS.bmp for small (38x60, 8-bit)
XXXXXXXL.bmp for large (110x170, 24-bit)

For multiplayer, each player must have a copy of the portraits, otherwise they will see a blank icon instead of the other player's custom portraits. You will need to manually send these portraits to your friends as BG2 has no method of transferring them.

You are number to visit Drizzt

Created 12/30/2000

Last update 7/04/01

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